Xotic Eyes

For women wanting to add an exotic look to their makeup routine without breaking the bank, a welcome addition to your store would be the new lineup from Xotic Eyes. Developed by artist and company founder, Shannon Maxey, Xotic Eyes provides pre-pasted eye art that is easily applied and gives a stunning visual effect unlike any other. “I wanted to make the exotic look as easy as possible,” Maxey says. “We developed it from scratch over two and a half years, and we hold the patent on the technique for applying above the eye. Everything is handmade, right here in Virginia Beach,” she adds.

Xotic eyes debuted at the street fair, Fantasy Fest, in Key West, FL in October 2009. “We got a huge response, so decided to take it to the next level,” Maxey says. Introduced commercially in March of this year, Maxey now sells her line to, “the beauty and fashion industry, adult and lingerie costume shops, hair people, and more.” The company offers various designs from blazing fire to peacocks, and also has coordinating eye and body pieces as well. Having found a unique niche, Xotic Eyes has no competition in the field. “We have a patented product, using medical grade approved adhesive,” Maxey notes. The original eye kit wholesales for around $10, but retails for $29.95. That includes the eyelashes, glitter, a brush, wipes and both the top and bottom parts of the eye. Various body art from Xotic Eyes wholesales anywhere from $3.50 to $20, and retails between $6 and $60.

The company offers POP displays, and sells a special display board for $85 that features the actual products that potential customers can touch for themselves. The minimum order is 50 sets of eyes, and discounts are offered for larger orders. For sports fans, “We also now have a sports line featuring the Dallas Cowboys (‘Love my Cowboys!’ she says), Minnesota Vikings, and Washington Redskins, offering a couple of different versions of the teams’ colors and logos.” Maxey sums up Xotic Eyes this way, “Everybody wants to feel sexy but we’ve done it in a classy way.”

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