Hanukkah Merchandise Growing on Retail Shelves as Holiday Goes Mainstream

As retailers expand holiday displays and merchandise, more and more stores are decking the halls with blue and silver as well as red and green, as Hanukkah grows in importance, USA Today reports.

The Jewish holiday that commemorates a historic victory has taken on Christmas-style celebration. It’s now reached an unprecedented level of retail recognition, as reflected by the increasing numbers of Hanukkah-related toys, gifts, decorations and food items for sale during the holiday season, USAT says.

A full 24-foot section of Hanukkah-related items went up for the first time this year in the Troy, Mich., Target store before Halloween, says store team leader Carrie Worthington. “This is the first year we’ve had this large of a run,” Worthington told USAT. The section includes “a little bit of everything — toys, gifts, cards, a full array of items.”

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