Mission Imports Offers Angelic and Christmas Items for Fast Delivery

For retailers whose customers are into religious. spiritual or whimsical items, Mission Imports of Mesa, AZ, is a good company to know. Founded several years ago by co-owners John and Vera Whalen, the wholesale outlet features a number of unique items buyers won’t find anywhere else. “In the past year we’ve seen a big surge in interest in our ‘Abaca Angel,’” JohnWhalen says. “It’s made from natural fiber from the Plantain tree, the same kind of material used in manila rope,” he explains. The angels are available in sizes from two inches up to 16 inches tall. “We also have Nativity sets made from the same material,” Whalen says. “Sales of those have doubled from last year.”

Mission Imports has more than 40 years of experience in the retail and wholesale industry selling their unique gifts and Brush Art animals. Almost everything the company sells is handmade in Chile, Peru, and the Philippines. From angel figurines to Christmas ornaments, they sell hundreds of thousands of products annually, and have customers who have been buying their products for 10 years or longer. “In fact, we don’t have any competitors because we are the only ones that sell these amazing gifts,” Whalen says.

The company’s Brush Art animals are a prime example. They’re made from Buri Palm — the same material used in bottle and vegetable brushes — and make up one of the company’s popular 12-piece Nativity sets. That set wholesales for $55 and retails for $119 and up. “It’s our best seller,” Whalen says. “We’ve sold hundreds this year.” Mission Imports services a number of retail outlets, including brick and mortars, religious stores, hospital gift shops, tourist outlets and more. Minimum orders are only $100, and same-day shipping is the norm.

The company has various package deals for first time buyers. One is its “Raining Cats and Dogs” promo, which offers 20 items at different price points with a 15% discount. It wholesales for $175, but a sellout at retail will bring back $425. The company is also seeing a lot of interest in its “Marble Land” animals made from kids’ marbles. Mission imports carries 130 different types, which wholesale for $1.65 and have a suggested MSRP of $3.99. Full details can be had at the numbers below.

–Rory J. Thompson

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