‘MARMYhead’ Presents Embroidered Linen Cards for Every Occasion

Like many home-based businesses, Linda Konecny founded her MARMYhead line of embroidered linen cards after getting positive feedback from her biggest audience, her daughters. “I made a few of the cards and the kids said they really liked them,” she recalls. “I thought they were just being nice, but when I retired from my sales job I started expanding my line.” It turned out to be a prescient move, as the MARMYhead line has grown so rapidly that it recently expanded overseas. “We’re now selling our cards in Australia,” Konecny says.

ARMYhead manufactures high-quality embroidered linen cards for every occasion. The unique and charming cards have a beautifully vintage handcrafted appeal, and are individually packaged with a pre-printed UPC bar code.

“Both the birthday and new baby note cards are equally strong sellers,” Konecny says. MARMYhead cards are sold individually with no minimum order required, wholesaling for 99 cents each with an MSRP of $1.98. Plus, each one comes with some relevant scripture. “MARMYhead, being a Christian-based company, enables [the founders] to use their business to put ‘Christ into every occasion,’ providing scripture on every card,” the company says on its website, MarmyHead.com.

Coming up in January, the company is rolling out a series of greeting cards, which will wholesale for $1.49 and retail for $2.98. A spinner rack to display the product is available for free with an order of 48 dozen cards.

–Rory J. Thompson

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