Longtime Wholesaler Jacobs Trading Offers Great Deals by the Truckload

When you deal in buying and selling wholesale merchandise by the truckload, it’s a good feeling to know you can trust your supplier, and that’s something Howard Grodnick, president and CEO of Jacobs Trading Company, has strived for in his years in the business. “There’s definitely a trust factor at work here,” Grodnick says about his longtime sellers and buyers. “Retailers need to find a supplier they’re comfortable with, and that’s we’ve been offering, year after year.”

The company got its start from Chairman, founder and entrepreneur Irwin Jacobs, who owned a liquidation business and then got involved in COMB, a liquidation closeout store that eventually grew into a 44-store chain. “It’s still truly his passion even today,” Grodnick says of Jacobs. “He stays close to his interests and business.”

The company sells its merchandise by the truckload, and shares whatever information it has about the load so buyers know what they’re getting. “New merchandise that we re-sell has a manifest, but if it’s closeouts we’re more specific in our listing, and break it down by categories.” Grodnick says.

Jacobs Trading gets its merchandise from retailers, distributors and even the manufacturers themselves. “We’ve actually learned to diversify over the years,” Grodnick says. “We now have more programs to offer, more excess goods, more categories of goods and more variety so that we have something for everyone.” The company is always on the lookout for new customers, and as an enticement to them, will offer a free pallet of goods on their first order. “We’ve learned a lot over the years in this business,” Grodnick says. “We’ve learned how to grow.”

–Rory J. Thompson

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