Critters Are Kept Out of Trash With Fast-Selling ‘OscarNet’

Oscarnet keeps critters out of your garbageAnyone with wild animals in their neighborhood knows that they love to topple garbage cans looking for food. That was the problem, George Bogojevic, inventor of the Oscarnet, faced at his home. “I’d put the cans out for pickup, and by morning they’d be on their sides, with the contents spilled all over,” he recalls. So Bogojevic cut up an old soccer net and attached it atop his can with zip ties. The can was toppled the next morning but the lid was held tight by his invention. “I tinkered with it a little more, and that’s how I came up with the Oscarnet,” he says. The name is two-fold, as it’s what Bogojevic’s young sons named the rascally raccoon that was toppling his cans, and it also stands for, “One Step Can-net Avoiding Raccoons.”

Oscarnet is an easily installed cover that prevents animals from getting into your trash and having a snack. It’s made from engineered polypropylene materials, and is extremely durable and machine washable. Raccoons and small critters are known to eat through a bungee cord but cannot eat through polypropylene material. The net slips over the lid and is locked into place, but is easily removed by the trash man. Available in different sizes for your garbage can or recycle bin, Oscarnet is a humane and ethical way to prevent animals from getting to your garbage.

Oscarnets wholesale for only $4.49 each and retail for $9.99. A small minimum order is required, but discounts are offered for orders of 50 or more. Based in Canada, the Oscarnet is a best seller at Home Hardware, the equivalent of Ace Hardware here in the states. The nets come prepacked in header cards with holes for J-hooks, and are shipped within days. “It’s a product that absolutely works,” Bogojevic says. “Once customers buy one and try it, they usually come back for more.”

For more information:
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