Stress Gard for Teeth

Stress Gard is an effective tool for teeth grindersFor those who grind their teeth while sleeping, finding some relief can be an exercise in frustration. “Dentists can charge you anywhere from $400 to $600 for a custom fitted appliance,” says Glenn Bancroft, VP of Total Gard Co., makers of the Stress Gard mouth guard. “Our device works because you take it out of the box and pop it in your mouth,” he adds. The simple to use item is an extension of a sports mouth guard that Bancroft and his brother, orthodontist, James Bancroft, developed. “The big difference between what others sell and what we provide is the old kind needed to be boiled and then fitted to your mouth. Ours fits right in with no measuring or fussing,” Bancroft says.

Total Gard was originally selling to dentists and orthodontists, but then Bancroft realized he could just as easily market the Stress Gard himself. “I set up a web page and got featured in a few catalogs,” he recalls. “The sales took off from there.” Preferring to stick with more local outlets, Stress Gard is now available at select mom and pops and independent retailers, and the reaction has been strong. “Thanks for the best dental guard I have ever used,” says one testimonial on the company’s site, “Having tried four or five other guards, from the ‘boil to fit,’ to others that just don’t stay in position, the Stress Gard is by far the most comfortable and effective. I have been using the Stress Gard for over two months and it shows no wear at all.”

The Stress Gard teeth protector wholesales for $4.25 and retails at $14.95, with no minimum order required, shopkeepers can order a small quantity to see how they sell. Bancroft is confident they’ll move quickly, as he has already sold about 80,000 via his website, and is now looking for more retail outlets. The units come boxed with a UPC code, and a simple instruction sheet inside. Volume discounts are available.

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