True Clean Towel Reminds You of Where You Dried Yourself Last

True Clean TowelHow often do you reuse your shower towel? If it’s several times a week, what was the last part of your body you dried? Are you sure? That disturbing question is what led graphic designer, Adam Ross, to invent the True Clean Towel, a new entry into the towel market that indicates which part of the towel should be used every time to dry specific parts of your body. “People laugh when they first see it, but then they go, ‘Oh, I get it,’” Ross says. “It’s not rocket science, and everyone can relate to it.”

The True Clean Towel is a full five feet tall and 2 1/2 feet wide, and was created as a novelty item that people can use over and over again. “I wanted to create something that people will actually use, and not just laugh at and stick in a corner,” Ross says.  The True Clean Towel is just now being made available at various retail outlets, having been invented just six months ago. “We sell mostly to brick and mortars, and the independent gift shops are doing real well with it,” Ross says. “We see lots of potential in retail, apparel, women’s stores or any place that sells towels. They finally have a new item to add to their lineup,” he adds.

The True Clean Towel wholesales for $12 each, with a suggested MSRP of $24. Minimum order is two dozen, but Ross says it’s selling fast wherever it appears. The product comes with a cardboard cutout that sits under the towel on the shelf and shows its functions. “Everyone has a good laugh when they see it, but everyone also sees the point,” he says. “It especially makes sense for college kids, who are not known for doing their laundry in a timely fashion.” Right now it is available in a neutral two-tone gray color, but Ross says he expects to have five new color patterns available within the next six months. He also sees an extension of the brand coming shortly. “We’d like to take the True Clean Towel to the next level with hand and face towels,” he says.

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