Navajo Manufacturing Has Big Plans, New Products for the New Year

For a company that started out buying turquoise jewelry in Mexico to resell here in the states, Navajo Manufacturing has come a long way, now standing as one of the major suppliers for a variety of products for convenience and grocery stores nationwide.

Navajo Manufacturing was started 30 years ago by two partners, Gordon Levy and Larry Rupp, who are still with Navajo today,” says Brent Paine, marketing specialist with the company. “They did great with the turquoise jewelry for some time, but as it started to drop off they expanded into various other lines, including household and health & beauty products, and now sunglasses,” he says. Today, Navajo has thousands of items in its 400,000-square-foot warehouse, including licensed products from such major manufacturers as General Mills and Pennzoil, and Paine is very excited about their newest licensing venture, “TapOuT.”

“TapOuT is a mixed martial-arts venue, and we’ve developed a beautiful line of sunglasses for them,” Paine says. “They’re made with very high-end glass, and people are going to be amazed by them,” he adds. The TapouT brand is in addition to the other wholesale sunglass lines Navajo carries, including Dominique Olivette, Ultimate Action, Envy, S-Gear, Piranha eyewear, and a children’s sunglass line called Kidz Classics. Navajo also has a variety of POP display stands and other display units to show off its sunglass line. “We offer tons of versatility,” Paine says.

Minimum orders from the company depend on what a customer requests. “Our electronics require a $150 minimum,” Paine says, “and other items may require a larger minimum order. Still, we’ll work with everyone to get them the best deal possible,” he adds.

One particular product the company is excited about rolling out is its ‘Dispensits Program.’ “It’s a gravity-fed product box that replaces a lot of the old dump-bins,” Paine says. “It’s a disposable box which hangs on a peg. It comes in various styles, but we can customize it for our customers, dispensing toothpaste, shampoos health & beauty aids, skincare, shaving gels and more,” he adds. “We expect it to be very popular.”

–Rory J. Thompson

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