New Electronic Cigarette Delivers Nicotine for Smokers, But Without the Smoke

With prohibitions on smoking becoming more and more prevalent, smart retailers are stocking up on alternatives to satisfy a growing audience. That’s what led Greg Campbell to design and market his Gold Vapor electronic cigarette. “I wanted to make my own design with a professional quality look,” the CEO says. “We came up with a reliable product that shows well, which also comes with a lifetime replacement warranty on all parts.”

The Gold Vapor comes in a handsome, jewelry-type display box and is currently being sold in convenience stores, smoke and gift shops, gas stations and more. Wholesaling for only $15 each for a minimum order of 50, the Gold Vapor retails for $39.95, a nearly triple markup. “There’s no odor and no smoke with it,” Campbell says. “You breathe in nicotine and breathe out water vapor.”

Campbell also wholesales the “Super Cigarette,” a popular product from Asia. “All the parts are interchangeable, and it takes 30 different flavor cartridges,” he says. The Super Cigarette comes with a “cartomizer,” which allows more nicotine in the cartridge and produces a bigger “puff” for the user. “Between 10 percent and 15 percent of smokers take a bigger-than-normal puff, and this works better for them,” Campbell says. The Super Cigarette wholesales for $16 each for a minimum order of 50, and retails for between $40 and $50 apiece.

Coming up later this year, Gold Vapor is coming out with a disposable version of an e-cigarette, which will provide between 300 and 400 puffs, for buyers who want to try out the product. “They’ll wholesale for $3.50 each for a minimum order of 20, and will retail for $9.99 each,” Campbell says. “We expect them to be a big seller.”

–Rory J. Thompson

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