Regent Products Prides Itself on Great Customer Service, Wide Variety of Offerings

For a wholesale company that’s been in business for 25 years, you’d think Regent Products was a newcomer fighting for market share, the way they still treat both old and new customers with care and attention to detail. “What sets Regent apart besides products is the staffing that we have,” says Sandy Drelich, assistant sales manager at the company. “We have more than 100 employees, many of whom have been with Regent for a minimum of 15 years. All of them care about how each customer is treated. The ultimate goal here is to offer value and great customer service.”

Judging by their extensive offerings and fast order turnaround, both value and service are in high supply at the River Grove, IL-based company. “Regent maintains about 18 different categories, with more than 3,000 different products,” Drelich says. The company sells to “any kind of retail store,” Drelich says, “as well as independent retailers of general merchandise.” A minimum order is only $300, and the company makes sure to keep its name out there by using multiple touch-points to reach customers. “We do over 30 trade shows a year,” Drelich says. “We also have both everyday and seasonal catalogs, a huge website, and a senior sales staff of 14 people. We also have four showrooms,” she adds, “the main office in River Grove, IL., as well as in Detroit, Philadelphia and Miami.”

Regent carries products ranging from automotive and baby products to plastics, pet supplies and seasonal toys, and everything in between. “Our strength is that we carry such a variety that for most of our customers, we can fulfill a lot of their needs,” Drelich says. “Every order is important, whether it’s for a new or longtime customer. We always offer discounts from the get-go, and believe we offer extreme product value in terms of pricing and packaging.”

–Rory J. Thompson

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