Bite-amins Nix Mosquitos

Bite-aminsWith savvy retailers starting to stock up now for the coming warm weather, entrepreneur and VitaPill president, Scott Taylor, expects to see a big boost in demand for his product, Bite-amins, a natural, mosquito repelling supplement that he developed himself. “I was living in the Dominican Republic on a break from my work in chemical engineering,” he recalls. “The mosquitoes were really swarming, but a little boy nearby wasn’t being bothered at all, claiming he had ‘sour blood,’ and that the mosquitoes didn’t like him,” Taylor says. Using his chemical background, Taylor started researching the problem and came up with the formula for Bite-amins. “I took every ingredient I found that looked like it might help and put it into one supplement,” he says. “The idea was to develop something that not only kept mosquitoes from biting, but would also reduce the reaction from any bites incurred.”

According to the website, “Bite-amins contain Vitamin B1 and garlic (guaranteed not to give you garlic breath, or your money back), both of which have been reported to help prevent mosquitoes from biting. The B vitamins are water soluble, and when taken in excess, a portion leaves the body through the pores. Similarly, when garlic is eaten and its components are metabolized, compounds are released from the body through the skin. The presence of these compounds on the skin, although undetectable to humans, seems to deter mosquitoes.” Taylor initially sold his product to consumers, but because of the success he’s seen, he’s now expanding directly to retailers as well. Bite-amins wholesales for $13.77 a bottle with a minimum order of 12 bottles, and the MSRP is $22.95 each. Discounts are available for those placing large orders.

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