Coinboy Keeps Change

CoinboyIf you have ever had a line of customers stuck behind that one person digging in their pocket or purse for change at the register, you’ll appreciate the idea behind CoinBoy. “Coinboy is a line of portable coin holders that come in different shapes, bright colors, and printed designs,” says company president, Oliver Baumhogger. “The fundamental benefit of the product is to organize, store, and easily dispense coins, as there’s no more fumbling for loose change.”

Accessories Select was started a few years back when Baumhogger and his brother were traveling abroad and saw cab drivers using these handheld devices to dispense change. “We saw it and decided to expand the idea,” Baumhogger says. They eventually came up with the Coinboy character and began their branding effort. They now have 11 different styles, and recently revamped the company’s website so that orders can be placed quickly with a minimum of effort. “Our prices are posted right online,” Baumhogger says. “Retailers can see right away how much they’ll save and how much profit they’ll make depending on the size of their orders.” For example, 192 of the units wholesale for $3.25 each, but if you order 480 or more the price drops down to $2.50 each. MSRP is $6.95, providing a healthy markup no matter how many you order. Shipping is included on large quantities.

Coinboy sells well at mom and pops, toy stores, pharmacies and many other kinds of retail outlets, but Accessories Select is also doing well at an unlikely venue. “Our main revenue comes from school fundraisers and companies that imprint their logo in the middle,” Baumhogger says. “Companies bring them to trade shows and hand them out as giveaways.”

For those looking for an out of the box solution, Coinboy is also available on racks that hold either 24 or 48 units. The racks, requiring some easy assembly, are $3.50 each. “Coinboy offers a fun, convenient and easy way to carry coins, and was designed to simplify the handling of pocket change and appeal across gender and age,” Baumhogger says. “Kids can use it for their lunch money, and parents can use it at the checkout line,” he adds.  “There is a use for everyone in everyday life, and it sells to anybody.”

For more information:
Accessories Select, Inc.
P.O. Box 2765
Conroe, TX 77305
Fax: 281-298-0987