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It’s pretty much a given in the wholesale and retail business that extensive experience makes the difference between just surviving and actually thriving. So it’s no wonder that Yellowstone Imports is one of the most trusted and experienced wholesale distributors of handbags and accessories. Headquartered in New York City, Yellowstone has cultivated robust manufacturer relationships for more than 30 years with its suppliers, which translates into greater benefits for buyers. “We started off as a jewelry parts company, selling semiprecious stones as well as beads and parts of jewelry,” says Howard Huang, sales rep for the company. “We then started expanding into handbags, and from there just kept growing into the line we have today.”

It’s a pretty impressive lineup by any standard. “We carry literally thousands of products, so many we can’t count them all; sunglasses, optical frames, jewelry displays, costume jewelry, hair ornaments, and, of course, our handbags,” Huang says. A quick visit to the company’s website at YellowstoneImports.com confirms that the inventory is indeed wide and deep. Broken down into various categories such as New Arrivals, Handbags and Wallets, Semiprecious Stones, Sunglasses and more, the site is easy to navigate and makes it easy for buyers to zero in on exactly what they’re looking for, without wasted clicks. Still, handbags are the company’s biggest seller and its mainstay in the business. “Right now our best seller is the Bosalina bag, known for its great quality and strong hardware,” Huang says. “It’s made out of a higher quality imitation leather and the hardware is rhodium plated, which is better than stainless steel as it’s shinier, more durable and doesn’t rust.” Hugely popular in the fashion industry right now, Bosalina bags wholesale for $15 to $20 each, depending on size and style, and can retail anywhere from $60 to $75 apiece.

Another popular line at Yellowstone is the company’s Fashion Handbag Luggage: stylish bags in a larger size with two wheels and an extendable handle, suitable for use as a travel bag. One such model comes with double strap handles, an inner side zip pocket and two cell phone pockets. “This bag is so popular that we can only get limited amounts at a time,” Huang says. Yet clients don’t seem to mind if an item is out of stock sometimes, because they keep coming back. “Our business model is based upon providing quality service, expertise, and convenience to our clients,” Huang says. “We have our own overseas inspection service, guaranteeing the level of quality you expect, and eliminating the hassle of receiving a subpar shipment. Our sheer volume of business means that we can bargain for the items you need in bulk, even if you place a small order,” he adds. It’s through this system of checks and balances that the company is able to negotiate the lowest price possible, based partially on its long lasting and trusted manufacturer relationships.

Yellowstone is also a big provider of jewelry and semiprecious stones, with an inventory equally as large as its handbags. “The current best seller is jewelry containing Southwestern type stones,” Huang says. “Turquoise has always been popular, and now amethyst is also popular these days. That popularity will probably carry over through the year,” he adds. Most of Yellowstone’s jewelry items are sold in lots of a dozen, and all are competitively priced. One of the more popular lines is Hematite, a metal-look type of stone. “It’s especially sold in the summer, and in beach and tropical areas such as Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Islands and so forth,” Huang says “Most of the Hematite stones are sold assorted, and wholesale anywhere from $9 to $15 a dozen. I’d expect retailers to sell them at about $3 to $5 apiece,” he adds.

For retailers looking for a bigger selection at lower cost, Yellowstone also has a wide selection of costume jewelry at very competitive prices. For example, a visit to that section of the company’s site shows an assortment of beautiful cubic zirconia and metal rings for only $6 a dozen wholesale. A group of heavier, more ornate rings is also shown for just $24 a dozen. In addition, rhinestone and metal drop earrings with fish hook closures are also available at just $18 a dozen. Yellowstone also has rhodium and rhinestone bangle bracelets at $7 each. Markup on all of the above is at least keystone, and usually well above that.

Looking ahead to the warmer weather, Huang expects orders to pick up now for the company’s extensive line of sport and designer sunglasses. “Our sunglasses are sold in dozen lots as well,” Huang says. “We offer them sorted by different colors. For example, the metal sunglasses are sorted by silver color, gunmetal color, black metal frames, etc.” Yellowstone also sells plastic sunglasses by the dozen, sorted by various colors on the temples. “Registered buyers can see the wholesale prices of these on our website,” Huang says, “and they can go from $12 to $36 a dozen, depending on style and material. For customers, the cost for these sunglasses can be as low as $1 to $3 apiece, and I’d expect them to sell at retail for $5 to $10 apiece,” he states. In addition, each dozen lot currently sold will come with a dozen free microfiber pouches.

Lastly, Yellowstone’s site also hosts a clearance section, where items are marked down way below their already low prices. A recent visit showed a selection of handbags at 30 percent and more below their regular discounted prices, and several pair of clearance sunglasses were marked down as well. The clearance section is updated as lots become available.

Getting started with Yellowstone Imports is a simple and straightforward proposition. “Just find what you’d like to carry in your business by browsing our website,” Huang says, “Then sign in and register to see the prices.” From there, buyers can fill their shopping baskets, selecting products and quantities. Shipping and handling charges are automatically factored in, and orders are processed as they are received. “For new and returning customers, there is a $150 order minimum,” Huang says. “To shop online, buyers must register, providing shipping information and a tax ID number.” As of this year, orders over $400 will be shipped at no charge. “Plus, we have a pretty fast turnaround,” Huang says. “Any order received before 3:30 EST will be shipped out that same day.” Which means that with a combination of speed, selection and savings, Yellowstone Imports has it all for you, today.

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