MoonGlo Flameless Candles Provide a Safe, Scented Appeal to Consumers

Flameless candlesCandles can add a delightful touch to any room or decor, but with fire and smoke concerns, consumers have been wary of late. Now a Georgia based company has a line of smokeless and flameless candles that are head and shoulders above anything else on the market. “Our MoonGlo candles are made of real wax, but have the added safety feature of a flickering LED light instead of a flame,” says David Ovitz, consultant to Sola Enterprises, the company owned by his daughter, Rebecca. “Plus, they come with a remote control so they can be ‘lit’ from a distance.”

Ovitz came upon the unique item at a trade show in Florida last year, where the booth’s operator was being swamped by curious customers. “They looked like real candles,” he recalls, “but with a remote control and 12 different colors of light available, I saw the potential. So I arranged to buy 500 of them from him. I sold them all in two days,” he says with a laugh. Ovitz knew he had found something no one else had, and after talks with the original importer, bought out the business. “We got an exclusive from the manufacturer in China,” he says. “We’re the sole distributor for the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.”

MoonGlo Candles are a perfect option to use around children, pets or in busy settings where safety is a concern. These battery operated LED candles are made of wax, so they feel like the real thing, and give off a warm vanilla scent that instantly relaxes. Available in three different styles, melted edge, round or square, MoonGlo Candles wholesale for $9 to $10 each, and can retail for $22 to $32 apiece. “We don’t have a minimum order size because no matter how many of them retailers order, they always call back in two or three days and order more,” Ovitz says. “We recommend a reasonable quantity based on your store’s traffic.” Sola Enterprises also recommends vendors keep the remote nearby, to demonstrate the candles’ colors to buyers. “Once they see it, they get it, and the sale is made,” Ovitz says.

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