Supply Chain Strategies

To-Increase, a provider of Microsoft Dynamics solutions for retailers and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, provides retailers with proven supply chain management strategies to consider this year with its latest blog post, “5 Retail Supply Chain Management Strategies.” For inspiration in writing the blog post, author, Will Roche, industry market development director at Microsoft Dynamics, draws on more than 30 years of Information Technology experience, most heavily in retail. “Anyone who has ever worked in a retail setting understands that the journey from raw material to finished product can be long, and oftentimes fraught with peril,” Roche says in the post. “Supply chain problems can be as innocuous as a handful of products being damaged during shipping, to as major as a hurricane swallowing up a supplier’s operations.”

Each of the five supply chain management strategies shared by Roche in his post are designed to enhance efficiencies across the supply chain, while proactively addressing any potential problems. The five retail supply chain management strategies detailed by Roche include:

• Understanding and implementing automation.
• Tightening multichannel inventory management.
• Ensuring global access to actionable information.
• Surging product availability in line with marketing efforts.
• Implementing vertical integration.

As a global ISV and Microsoft Gold Certified partner, To-Increase develops solutions for industry verticals, including: retail, wholesale, construction, distribution, and professional services segments. “An inherently powerful idea lies beneath each strategy I share, even if not every strategy will be right for every retailer,” Roche says. “The more of our supply chain we can oversee or control, the stronger the links in our supply chain will be.” To read the complete post, “5 Retail Supply Chain Management Strategies,” visit the To-Increase blog at,