US Global Imports Is Your Source for High-Profit Smoking Accessories

For tobacco shops and other retailers that appeal to the smoking crowd, Los Angeles based US Global Imports is a good company to know. “We launched about three years ago as a one-stop shop for all your smoking accessories, papers, tobacco and hookahs,” says Nader Fararji, president of the company. “We sell to all sorts of retailers, but about 90 percent of our business is to smoke shops, with small markets and convenience stores making up the rest,” he adds.

US Global carries more than 6,000 skus, included flavored rolling papers and tobacco, pipes, ashtrays and more. “Our best sellers are the vaporizers and hookahs, although we move a lot of glass pipes as well,” Fararji says. The company also has brand name cigarettes and cigars, but sells those only within the state of California. For retailers looking to add to their inventory and profits, US Global Imports offers some healthy markups. “Our glass pipes wholesale for $2.05 for the smaller ones, and up to $200 for the large ones, with at least a 100 percent markup,” Fararji says. “Our ashtrays wholesale for $3 and retail for $10 and up, and we have high-end lighters that wholesale for between $7 and $10 and fetch $18 to $20 at retail,” he adds. Minimum orders from the company are only $150, and new customers who spend at least $1,000 get a 5 percent to 10 percent discount off their first order. “We also have a flyer we email weekly featuring special items,” Fararji notes. “Anything someone wants that’s smoking related, we can get for them.”

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