Bow Wow Popcorn for Dogs Is a Fast Seller With Pet Lovers Everywhere

For pet lovers and retailers who sell to them, it’s smart to get to know Steve Cantin and his full line of products made especially for pets. Cantin, CEO of parent company, SCI Inc., already had a line of Cat Sitter and Dog Sitter DVDs, when he realized dogs might like their own version of popcorn as well. “I created the roast chicken, roast beef and bacon popcorn for dogs, to go along with our Dog Sitter DVDs,” he says. “It’s now available in hundreds of independently owned gift shops and pet stores. Many stores have bought it, and it sold right out.” Cantin’s company seems to have cornered the market.

“There are no similar products out there,” he says. “We are the only microwave popcorn made exclusively for dogs. There was one other, but Bow Wow Popcorn has taken over the entire market in the last two months,” he adds. The popcorn is made of all human-grade ingredients. “It’s all natural, so you can eat it with your dog,” Cantin says. “The chicken flavor tastes like roast chicken, the roast beef like beef, and the bacon has a real bacon taste,” he adds. Because the product has been sold to major chain stores, it was required to go through close quality control scrutiny.

The Bow Wow Popcorn wholesales for $8.40 per dozen, available in full color counter displays. “The product retails from $1.29 to $2 for a snack sized bag,” Cantin says. “Once it’s cooked, you can seal it up and it will stay fresh for 90 days,” he adds. Bow Wow Popcorn is selling well, along with the dog and cat sitter DVDs, made for animals to watch while they’re left home alone. “We were recently featured on the Martha Stewart Show with our ‘Cat Adventure’ DVD,” Cantin says. “Our products are garnering a lot of attention, and we expect sales to take off quickly from all the publicity we’re getting.”


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