Funflector Tags

If you’ve ever been driving and suddenly came upon an unseen pedestrian on a dark road, you’ll appreciate the value and benefit of funflectors, a new idea from a Scandinavian native, now making her home here in the U.S. “Reflectors on kids’ clothing is a longtime tradition where I come from,” says Elisabeth Hubbard, founder and president of LLC, makers of Funflector. “‘Glimling’ is a made-up word, meaning, ‘small and cute, but it glimmers,’” Hubbard says. “It neatly sums up what the product is all about.” Indeed, Funflectors were designed in keeping with the Scandinavian tradition of making products that serve a dual purpose. “They’re cute and fun for kids,” Hubbard says, “but they also save lives.”

The Funflector tags are fun fashion accessories that also make pedestrians more visible to traffic at night. “Hanging reflectors from your clothes has been common practice in the Scandinavian countries for a long time, and that shows in the accident statistics,” Hubbard says. “The Funflector tags are soft and lightweight and can easily be attached to anything that is out in the dark, including pedestrians, dogs, strollers, wheelchairs, etc.” Powered by 3M’s Scotchlite reflective material, Funflectors come in about 50 different varieties of shapes and colors. “They sell very well in stores where they are displayed,” Hubbard says. “Some customers get it right away and buy a bunch for their kids, their dog and themselves.” The unique tags come with a ball chain for easy attachment, and are available in various shapes, including animals, cars, fruit, ghosts, hearts, sports and peace signs. Coming up, Hubbard is working on two new designs, one a standard basketball look, and the other a basketball with a paw print, to represent the local high school’s mascot.

Funflector wholesales for $2.25, with an MSRP of $4.50 to $4.95 each. For retailers who’d like to take a test run, Hubbard offers a starter kit bag. “We have a couple of bags containing 45 different reflectors each,” she says. “This way retailers can try a small order to see how well they sell.” The company also offers a stand with six pegs that holds 15 Funflectors each, for only $10. “We see signs that the Funflector tags have high potential,” Hubbard says. “They’re really starting to take off.”


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