HCG Sheds Pounds

HCG sheds poundsBack in the 1950s, one of the trendy activities for overweight and wealthy Americans was to travel to Europe for special, “HCG Drops,” unavailable in the states. Times have changed, and now these same drops are available for general consumption for anyone looking to shake off a few pounds. A great source of HCG for independent retailers is Buywise.biz. “I did the six week program myself and lost 30 pounds, as well as 16” total around my body,” says Debbie Burks, owner of Buywise. “The program really does work. This past holiday season was the first one for me where I not only didn’t gain weight, but actually lost weight instead.”

HCG is an all natural and homeopathic product that works in conjunction with the body’s hypothalamus gland. “You use it along with following a strict protocol and diet,” Burks says. “You take it three times a day, 10 drops at a time, and there are many doses in a bottle. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, you can do a three or six week program,” she adds. Burks has studied up on the product, and is very knowledgeable on exactly how it works. “The body consists of three types of fat,” she says. “Structural fat, around your face and cheekbones; reserve fat, which is what the body normally draws from when it needs to, and abnormal fat. If you do a low calorie diet without the drops, you’ll be affecting your regular fat,” Burks says. “Yet with the HCG drops, it actually works with the abnormal body fat, and because you’re on a low calorie diet, your body will draw what it needs from your abnormal stored fat. That’s where the weight loss comes in.”

Because of its high success rate among users, HCG is selling well, with a high markup for retailers. Buywise wholesales a starter pack of twelve, two oz. bottles for $192, or $16 each, and Burks has seen them advertised in a national vitamin chain store for $159.98 for the two oz. size. “I recommend keeping one bottle at the register to generate POS interest,” Burks says. “We have brochures we can email to our customers. Once they buy HCG, we also have an ebook that we can send, so retailers can read about the product and then pass that knowledge on to customers.” Buywise has a $100 minimum order. However, new customers receive a 10 percent discount off any order over $100. “This is a product that’s going to be a fast seller with a big markup, and it really works,” Burks says. “I’m living proof of that.”


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