Retail Marketing Predictions

Media Logic, a nationally recognized agency specializing in marketing for a social world, has published its predictions for retail marketing in 2011, in a short video and white paper, which offer marketing recommendations aimed at retailers, as well as general projections for the social media landscape in the new year. The studies are based on an ongoing audit and analysis of the social marketing strategies of 100 U.S. based retailers. Media Logic’s retail marketing predictions center around an increase in retailers’ social media marketing, including the use of geo location applications, Facebook, and changes in how marketing is measured.

In its white paper, the company states, “Retailers are now able to use social media to connect their online and physical properties in ways not previously possible. Further, the sum of a retailer’s social media contacts can be leveraged to create a new media network (the owned media network), through which the retailer can connect to other owned media networks, including those of the manufacturers, designers, directors and artists who create what the retailer sells, as well as customers and prospects willing to become fans and followers, and participate in a cooperative marketing effort. The marketing potential of this development cannot be overstated.”

“Media is going to stop costing money and start making money for retailers,” says Ronald Ladouceur, executive VP and executive creative director of Media Logic. “In 2011, partners and suppliers are going to start spending co-op marketing dollars for retailers’ valuable social space, to run brand building promotions that run entirely on Facebook, and other owned media channels.” For many retailers, Facebook has become the hub of a web of brand owned properties that links to apps, blogs, commerce sites and microsites, as well as to brick and mortar stores. This year, Ladouceur predicts a shift away from paid media and toward owned media, animated by social media. However, “Facebook’s very success is going to put a target on its back,” says Ladouceur. “There is little doubt a lot of bloggers will beg for attention by jumping up and down, proclaiming the death of Facebook. They couldn’t be further from the truth; the end is not near for social media.”

Media Logic offers its thoughts on retailers’ media strategies, traditional advertising, social media, and more, in its list of predictions for retail marketing in 2011. For a complete list of the company’s predictions and accompanying video, visit