Sicap’s Sinus Buster

With all the emphasis these days on healthy and natural ingredients, it makes sense that Sicap’s Sinus Buster spray is a big seller in high demand. The product was founded by someone who needed nasal relief, but didn’t like most of the commercial products available. “Sicap was started around 2004 by Wayne Perry, who developed the product himself,” says Scott Latella, now sales manager of natural channels for the company. “Wayne suffered from sinus problems, migraine clusters and so forth, and developed the product emphasizing the ‘buster’ aspect,” Latella says. “He began marketing it on eBay and, taking advantage of the big online presence.” The company eventually started to grow, getting great testimonials from users, as well as bigger orders. “People were happy to get relief out of a natural product,” Latella says. Perry brought on partners as sales volume grew, and then began selling to mom and pops, moving from online into more local stores. Today, the company sells to, “Independent retailers, health food stores, chiropractors, and any outlet that carries a natural line of products,” Latella says.

Sicap has a line of seven different products that are all attracting attention in the marketplace. “We have four nasal sprays based on Sinus Buster, plus nasal rinsing products, including our version of a neti pot called the Neti Bottle,” Latella says. “We also carry Sinus Genie, which is a nasal salt, and Cold Buster, an all natural cough syrup that is honey based, whose main ingredient is pelargonium (made from the extract of an African plant), shown to be effective at shortening symptoms of a cold,” he adds. Still its best seller, Sicap wholesales Sinus Buster for $8.39 per bottle, or $100.68 per case, with an MSRP of $14.99 to $16.99 each.  “The products come in a nice display box,” Latella says, “we also have a ‘four and four’ display, which features four Allergy Busters and four Sinus Busters in a wing box.” Volume discounts of 10 to 15 percent are available for orders of 100 or more units, and new customers have their choice of 10 percent off their initial order, or free shipping. “We have a huge advantage because our products are all natural,” Latella says. “We did some clinical tests on the speed of Sinus Buster, and users get sinus relief in under one minute,” he adds. “It’s natural, safe and fast.”


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