Rey’s Outlet Features Electronics and General Merchandise at Low Prices

For retailers in South Florida that need electronics and other items for their stores, Reynaldo Romero of Rey’s Outlet is the “go-to” guy who can get what they want, when they want it. “I get lots of requests for merchandise, and if I don’t have it, I’ll go and track it down for my customers,” he says. Those customers include convenience stores, flea market vendors and more. “I’ll even deliver the merchandise to them if they’re in Miami, Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale,” Romero says.

One of Rey’s Outlets hottest sellers right now is the “Tablet,” similar to the iPad but selling for hundreds less. “We wholesale them at only $85 each, and at retail they’re going for anywhere from $180 to $200,” Romero says. “It does everything the iPad does, including Internet access, but for less,” he adds. The company also has an extensive line of other wanted electronics, including mini laptops, cameras and the next generation of speakers.

Stores carrying fashion items might also want to reach out to Rey’s. The company has a wide array of fashion bracelets, with hundreds of designs in bright spring colors, as well as an assortment of Power Balance Bracelets, also in various colors. “We don’t require a minimum order size,” Romero says. “Whatever the customer is comfortable with, we’ll work with them,” he notes.

Rey’s Outlet is just about to launch its updated website, where retailers can also see POP signs and placards highlighting the company’s wares. “People ask for new and different items all the time,” Romero says. “Whatever’s hot right now, I’ll track it down and get it for them.”

For More Information:
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