Garvey Products is Your Source for Labelers and Everything Else for Retail Pricing

Making sure you have a clear, readable price on all your stock is an important part of business, and Garvey Products has just what you need at competitive prices. “We offer the widest range of labelers that no one else can do, including bulls-eye labeling,” says Jeff Griffin, president of the company. In business since 1919, the company has evolved to be a leader in the field, or as Griffin says, “If it can be done with a labeling gun, we can do it.”

Garvey has labelers that can print both numbers and words, and offers the best warranty on its products in the business. “We’ll either repair or replace a broken product that’s anywhere from six months to two years old, depending on the model,” Griffin says. The company’s customers cover the gamut of anyone with a business, and sells not only to the end-user but also to a whole network of wholesalers and distributors across North America in the Western hemisphere. “As a matter of fact,” says Griffin, “We’re looking to expand and are actively seeking more distributors in North, Central and South America.” Garvey Products deals with retailers small and large, and currently has contacts with major retailers like Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, The Gap and others, but also sells to independent retailers and mom & pop shops as well.

“We offer about 30 different products, and variations on them into the thousands,” Griffin says. The company’s current bestseller is its Garvey G Series, its top-of-the-line labeling unit. “It’s the best in the world,” Griffin says. “It’s durable, easy to use, and the one-line model is only $59, and a unit that prints two lines goes for $93 retail.” The company’s complete line can be seen at Coming up, the company is about to roll out Electronic Article Surveillance items, those little tags that beep if not removed before the customer leaves, as well as a new line of applicators that will dispense labels that formerly had to be applied by hand. “We do pride ourselves on being the best, and like to be able to tell our customers ‘Yes’ every time,” Griffin says. “It’s why we’re looking for new distributors. We think folks should get to know our products.”

–Rory J. Thompson

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