Medi-Ring Makes It Easier To Identify Medicines Properly

It can sometimes be hard to tell different medicines apart for those who take numerous prescription medications, especially if they all come from the same pharmacy and in the same color bottles. That’s what led Fred Hirth to start his company, Medi-Ring. “I’ve been a licensed pharmacist for 25 years,” Hirth says, “and many customers want me to write on the medicine bottle what it’s for, but legally we can’t do that.” Hirth also notes that some of the vial caps have the product name on them, but what if they get switched with the wrong bottles? “It’s been a problem,” Hirth says. “Some 99 percent of prescriptions issued don’t state on the label what they’re for. They give the name and address, and very little more information.”

To solve that problem, Hirth is now wholesaling the Medi-Ring, a simple, cost effective device dedicated to protecting and educating consumers with their daily rituals of taking prescription medication. “The Medi-Ring simply attaches to the prescription bottle and stays on,” Hirth says. “There’s a blank space on it that allows the patient to write words such as ‘diabetes,’ ‘memory,’ ‘blood pressure,’ etc.,” he adds. There’s also space for placement of a corporate logo, if a company wanted to use them as giveaways. Hirth thought the product might sell well to an elderly client base, which it does, but he discovered another market as well. “We’re selling to many younger customers who are on blood pressure and anxiety medications,” he notes. “The mix we sell to yuppies and the elderly is about fifty-fifty.”

Medi-Ring currently wholesales for 90 to 99 cents for a package of three, and the price drops for volume orders. The MSRP is $1.99, and Hirth says the minimum order is one dozen, shipped with a plastic clip-strip hook of 12. “There are more than one million hospital admissions every year for people taking the wrong medications,” Hirth says, “and that number is expected to rise to 1.5 million shortly. The Medi-Ring can literally be a lifesaver,” he adds.

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