Vapor Corp. Leads E-Cigarette Market With Unique Brands

With both health concerns and smoking prohibitions rising, more and more smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes to satisfy their nicotine craving, which is just fine with Vapor Corp. “We’re not only the largest electronic cigarette manufacturer in the industry, but we’re also the only publicly traded one,” says Adam Frija, director of business development at the Florida based company. Vapor Corp. was founded by a team of veteran entrepreneurs with extensive experience, ranging from product and brand development to manufacturing and sales of various consumer products. “The company’s innovative personal vaporizers offer cigarette smokers a better smoking alternative, as they’re designed to allow smokers greater freedom and enable them to smoke in public places,” Frija says. Vapor Corp.’s products eliminate the danger of second-hand smoke to the nonsmoking community.

The company began by selling its products in mall kiosks, and eventually expanded into wholesaling to other kiosk owners. “We went from being in about five kiosks to more than 50 in just one year,” Frija says. Because of the exposure in malls, Vapor Corp. began to develop relationships with convenience stores, independent retailers, the supermarket industry and even pharmacy chains. They then reached out to distributors across the country. “All told, it only took about three years from the beginning until now,” Frija says. The company now focuses on the wholesaling side, promoting its two biggest sellers in the personal vaporizer line, the Smoke 51 rechargeable brand and the Krave500 disposable e-cigarette.

Personal vaporizers are electronic devices, the functional elements of which are integrated into a stainless steel shell, and include a small plastic cartridge that contains an absorbent material moistened with a propylene-glycol liquid solution,” Frija says. “That solution may or may not contain nicotine, tobacco flavoring or other flavor essences, an electronic airflow sensor, a heating element, which vaporizes the liquid in the mouthpiece so that it can be inhaled, a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which powers the device, and certain electronic components,” he adds.

The Smoke 51 allows a user the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere, without the flame, ash, tar, or carbon monoxide found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. Because it’s rechargeable, it can be used over and over again, saving the smoker considerable costs in not having to buy cigarettes. For smokers who want to try an e-cigarette without committing, Vapor Corp. also manufactures the Krave 500 and Krave 300, disposable versions of the Smoke 51 that are good for up to 500 and 300 puffs, respectively. “These unique electronic cigarettes are one piece units, meaning there are no atomizers to screw in, no filters to replace, and no batteries to recharge,” Frija says. “They’re ready to enjoy right out of the pack.” Once a user is done with a Krave, they simply dispose of the entire unit.

The Smoke 51 comes in two options, with everything a smoker needs to enjoy an e-cigarette. The Fifty One duo wholesales for $35 to $50, depending on volume ordered, and the Fifty One trio ranges from $15 to $25, again depending on which packaging option is requested. The units retail for at least double that, and markups go as high as 500 percent, depending on traffic and store location. The Krave500 and 300 disposable e-cigarettes feature an equally high retail return. There is no minimum order, but Frija notes that some outlets request a few units initially, and then increase their order when they see how well they sell. “Some cigar shops order six or 12 at a time,” he says. Volume discounts are available, depending on how many of each product are ordered, and display pieces are available for retailers who request them. “Krave500 is a POS purchase item, so we have a display rack that holds anywhere between 18 and 21 pieces,” Frija says. “We also have an in-house graphic design department, and are flexible to work with retailers, as some want the signage narrower, taller or wider to fit their specific needs.” For new customers, Vapor Corp. will work with them to get the best possible pricing. “We do have tiered distribution, and pricing is based on volume,” Frija says. “Right now, brick and mortar, mom and pop, and convenience stores are seeing a lot of traffic with the Krave500,” he adds. Vapor Corp. is constantly introducing new packaging as word of the product spreads. “We have both gift sets and starter sets for new customers,” Frija says. “They contain everything a smoker needs to experience this new technology.”

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