Inhale International Rolls Out Line of Custom-Made Hookahs for Smoke-Shops, Others

The hookah as a smoking device has enjoyed a surge of popularity in the U.S. recently, which puts Inhale International of California in a great position. “We started back in 1997 as a retailer of smoking articles for a few years, but then decided to get into wholesaling hookahs and tobacco products full time,” says Rani Chaoui, CEO of the company. “We started getting really busy and began concentrating more on the hookah itself, which at the time was not all that popular in the U.S.,” he notes.

Inhale began manufacturing the product in China, and was the first company to offer a line of poly-resin hookahs. “This new type allows us to put more detail into the design,” Chaoui says. “We made the first hookahs featuring skull and skeleton designs, and we’re able to incorporate more colors in them,” he adds. The company now holds more than 32 patents on its unique products.

Inhale International distributes its products across the U.S., as well as in France, Germany, Japan and other countries. Carrying more than 10,000 different skus, the company also sells to smoke shops, small mom and pops and various other independent retailers. One of its most popular sellers is its new line of molasses tobacco, which wholesales for $8 for a 250 gram sized can, but retails for up to $20. The company also has an extensive line of tobacco grinders, t-shirts, hats, candles, incense and more.

There’s no minimum order size, and Inhale International has a number of posters available for retailers to advertise its various tobacco blends. For new customers, the company will offer some extra free merchandise to help offset shipping costs. “We’re always looking for long-term relationships,” says Chaoui. “We also back up our goods 100 percent. If a customer is not happy, we’ll take the item back or offer a refund.”

–Rory J. Thompson

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