Tropical Sun’s Confetti Cannons Selling Well at Party Supply, Gift Shops

For retailers in the party business, the new line of Confetti Cannons from Tropical Sun Imports is sure to be a fast mover, with a high profit margin. “The idea is to help partygoers celebrate specific occasions like birthdays, graduations, or weddings,” says Hans Hisgen, managing partner at the Colorado Springs, CO, based company. “The handheld cannons shoot out fake currency, either dollars or Euros, as well as patriotic American flag themes and specific colors like red, white, blue, gold, silver, and multi,” he adds. The birthdays and currencies are printed on rectangular pieces of paper, and specific birthdays for ages 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, and 60 are available. Hisgen notes that the cannons are being well received in retail outlets, along with positive customer reaction. “The stores we’re shipping to are experiencing sell-through in less than a month,” he reports.

The cannons are just the latest in a string of hits at Tropical Sun, a wholesaler that supplies goods for luau, tropical, Hawaiian and fiesta themed parties, among others. “The currency and birthday specific confetti is a first in the marketplace, and is designed to shoot up high and slowly descend to the ground,” Hisgen says. “The cannons are available in both eight and 16 inch sizes, and are loaded with air canisters to propel the confetti.” Pricing is attractive as well, offering retailers a nice markup. “The eight inch cannons wholesale for only $1.23 to $1.39 each, depending on quantity ordered, retail for $2.79 apiece, and are shipped in a beautiful POP display box holding 36 cannons,” Hisgen says. “The 16 inch wholesales for $2.11 each, with an MSRP of $4.29. They are shipped in a POP box that holds 24.”

For more than 35 years, Tropical Sun Imports has provided ways to make any event a success, Hisgen notes. With a strong focus on quality and value merchandise, the company is leading the way with innovative products that keep its themes fresh and exciting, recognizing that effective packaging design is a key component to achieving faster turnaround in stores. “We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service,” Hisgen adds. “Customer calls are answered by knowledgeable reps that can assist with most aspects of our business. After placing an order on our website, a customer service representative will contact you to confirm receipt within one business day.”

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