Wireless Luggage Finder Makes Finding Fliers’ Bags at Airports Easy

For anyone who has ever checked their bags when flying, they well know the annoyance of waiting among hundreds of other passengers at the baggage carousel. A new product available from Naftali Inc. can notify a traveler electronically when their bag is coming through from the back of the baggage area. The Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder uses today’s technology to let travelers know when it’s time to step up and claim their bag.

“It was developed by an Israeli Army Colonel,” says Arieh Torcos, VP of sales at Naftali. “The tag hangs on the bag and is activated once it passes through the laser beam that all baggage carousels use,” he adds. That sets off the owner’s remote key chain alert, letting them know the bag has arrived off the plane. “It was named one of the top ten travel accessories for 2010 by MSNBC,” Torcos says.

The luggage finder incorporates smart photoelectric technology, and has been approved for use by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). The unit wholesales for $10 each, and retails for $24.99. “We’re also offering counter and floor display racks with a minimum 36 piece buy,” says Torcos. The company also has a simpler model, the L.E.D. It Be Easy2Pick Flashing Unit, which flashes varied colored lights when the bag hits the carousel, making it easy to spot among scores of other suitcases. The owner gets to pick from among 16 different color combinations. The L.E.D. wholesales for $5 and retails for $12.99. For a limited time, Naftali is offering a 10 percent discount to first time buyers.

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