Mobile Continues To Grow as Newest Channel for Savvy Retailers

Research published recently by Oracle about mobile retailing provides valuable insights for retailers who are on the fence about jumping into the technology. The “Mobile Trends: Consumer Views of Mobile Shopping and Mobile Service Providers” report finds that mobile commerce is not just growing, but it’s growing dramatically, in that an increasing percentage, nearly a third of shoppers, are making purchases. Further, mobile shopping is not just the bailiwick of 20-somethings. “Mobile is quickly emerging as another channel for retailers,” says Kelly O’Neill, director of product strategy for Oracle Retail. “People of all ages carry smartphones with them at all times — it’s a personal device. More importantly, consumers are comfortable leveraging this device for all aspects of shopping. The shifts we’re witnessing will change the stakes for retailers.”

O’Neill feels that retailers tend to see mobile shopping as either “an opportunity or a threat,” yet she’s convinced that those with an opportunistic view will be most successful at winning over today’s hyper-connected consumer. “The consumer wants and expects to do the same things on her mobile device that she does on a PC. Retailers who respond to shoppers’ desire for information on product, pricing and availability will close the sale, regardless of the channel consumers choose to shop.”

The report, developed by ATG and Oracle to examine the use of mobile devices for shopping and commerce-related activities, is based on the responses of more than 1,000 mobile phone consumers in the U.S.

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