JC Sales Gets Personal

JC SalesIndependent retailers who like to see what they’re buying have a friend with the folks at Los Angeles based, JC Sales. While buying on the web is an option, retailers can also walk into the company’s showroom, select exactly what they want in the quantities they need, and come back three hours later to pickup their complete order. “We not only have what they want, but we’ll load their van or truck when the order is ready,” says Wally Lee, director of marketing and technology. “We’re here to help the small independent business owners, and we’ve brought the concept of speed and service to wholesaling,” he adds.

JC Sales has about 11,000 different items in its huge showroom, and another 3,500 of what it calls, cash & carry options. “Most of our showroom items are under a dollar, and the cash & carries are over a dollar,” Lee explains. “The showroom items come prepackaged in certain quantities, and the cash & carries can be bought singly. This way, our sales are more geared to the smaller storeowners who don’t need huge quantities of everything.” Lee says his company serves more than 3,000 walk-in customers every month. “We’re trying to help the little guys, those who just want to come in and do self service,” he says. They can pick what they want, as we try to maintain a discount margin for everyone,” he adds.

For example, JC Sales has monthly promotions on its website, featuring about 50 new items a month at special pricing. “We have a list of monthly promo items that we send out,” Lee says. “Now we’ve added a six page, full color flyer that we mail to about 4,000 customers. We just started doing it, and the feedback has been very positive.” The company also has a section called, “Money Makers,” closeout items that are sold at a lower cost. “They’re a limited quantity, so once they’re gone, they’re gone,” Lee says. JC Sales recently had light brown hair coloring it was wholesaling for only 42 cents a pack, sold in 48 pack boxes, Italian seasoning packets of 12 that wholesaled for 33 cents, and T-shirts with various logos that went for only 93 cents each. “They’re all closeouts, but we try to give everyone a good bargain,” Lee says. “We don’t hold any inventory longer than 90 days, and we turn the whole shop’s stock over every three months.”

For new customers, JC Sales offers a five percent discount off the first order, and a discount off subsequent orders, depending on volume and size. The minimum for web orders is $1,000 due to the cost of shipping, but showroom minimums are only $200. “We’ll also deliver for free within 75 miles of our location, using our own trucks, for a $2,000 minimum order with some restrictions,” Lee says. “We try to help our customers be more competitive in the future by helping beyond just selling them merchandise,” he adds.

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