Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile marketing has great potential to increase a retailer’s return on equity. How could this be? Well, cell phones provide a cost effective marketing and customer service solution, and when used well, mobile marketing can generate quality leads, disseminate important information instantaneously, and improve customer confidence in a retail store. With about 80 percent of Americans having handsets, the marketing opportunities are immense. So what are the exact steps one can follow to reap these benefits?

1) Start generating leads via short message servicing (SMS), by enticing mobile users with discounts once they visit your store. All they need do is present the SMS codes at the cash register and get the discounts. The assumption is, you already have customers who have gladly given you their mobile numbers, and have accepted to receive marketing messages from you. If you don’t have such a list, then make it your priority this year. It is the most important activity you will ever do in your business. A customer list is more important than any other asset you own. Some marketers can generate up to $30 per customer list name, per month. Imagine the potential.

2) Use barcodes to give customers information about products. For example, a customer can take a picture of a clothing price tag, the phone then connects to the SMS-CRM system, and the user receives a return text. This shows the specific product information, including colors available, which celebrity wears it, and the accessories that match. If it sounds great, it’s because it is.

3) Use SMS to remind customers of ongoing or upcoming sales, or even items that are about to go out of stock. Of course, you need to know the items that may be of interest to them. Further, allow mobile users to text and receive item pricing and availability, and allow them to see videos of your products and download if interested.

Technology is changing fast, and only your imagination can bar you from getting close to your customers. As mobile phones get smarter and more intelligent, your store can be your customer’s only logical choice, and wouldn’t that be great? Adapted from a report by Mobile Marketing Specialist, Mary Wilhite, also known as the “Mobile Marketing Queen.” For more of Mary’s insights, go to her blog at