Phat Head Gang

Phat Head GangThe list of collectible items that kids have latched onto and made into a craze over the years has ranged from baseball cards to Beanie Babies to Silly Bandz, which makes the folks at Cajole excited about their latest offering, the Phat Head Gang. “We started out with some fun characters and then made them totally unique,” says company cofounder, Jason Barlow. “We’ve got 100 different characters, and interest is already high,” he adds. The Phat Head Gang are tightly woven, handmade characters about four inches tall, with different personalities. Young people are collecting and trading them, and they’re selling fast at gift shops, campground stores, tourist shops and anywhere that kids gather.

“We have two displays for retailers who want to try the line and see how it does,” Barlow says. “The tabletop display holds 36 different characters, and each peg holds four of each one, for a total of 144 units. Phat Heads wholesale for $4 each and retail anywhere from $8 to $10 apiece,” he adds. The display comes completely stocked for only $575. The large display holds four each of all 100 characters, and is only $1,499 for 400 Phat Heads, including the revolving display unit. The wholesale price for the larger size display drops the unit price down to $3.75 each.

“We have big plans for the line,” Barlow says. “We plan to expand a little periodically, and come out with limited editions from time to time.” Cajole also plans to add stickers, hats, T-shirts and other items to the line. ‘Right now our Ninja, Pigtail Girl, Army Guy and Little Devil are the best sellers, but we expect that number to grow as Phat Heads get more popular,” Barlow says. “We see big things happening.”


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