Snooz’n Sleep Aid

Snooz'n Sleep AidIt’s no surprise that many people are stressed out and sleep deprived, which makes the debut of Snooz’n Natural Sleep Aid very timely. “Developing the product was based on my own experiences of traveling for business and having my natural sleep cycle thrown off,” Jason Healy, president of Snooz’n, says. “I’d fly to China or Australia, stay two or three days, and then fly right home. It took a week to get my sleep cycle back on track,” he adds. Healy began researching all natural remedies for sleep disorders, as he doesn’t like taking drugs that can be habit forming. “With a variety of natural and herbal ingredients, Snooz’n offers a two-pronged effect,” Healy says. “The first part turns off those signals that keep running through your head, to help you calm your mind,” he notes. “The second part brings on sleep naturally, so your body can get the rest it needs.”

Snooz’n wholesales for $1.79 for a 2.5 ounce bottle, which sells at retail for $3 and up. Minimum order size is only a six pack, but 12 and 24 pack display cases are also available, and the 24 count package comes with free shipping. Volume discounts are available for larger orders. Currently selling to convenience, drug and grocery stores, Healy says the company is now expanding and seeking more independent retailers to carry the product. “We’re concentrating heavily on a high quality marketing campaign to raise awareness of the product,” Healy says. “That includes point of sale signage, shelf-talkers, end cap shelving, and more.” The company also offers training for sales associates. “We do in-store staff training for anyone who wants it,” he adds. With its combination of Melatonin, L-Tryptophan, Valerian Root, Chamomile Extract and other natural ingredients, Snooz’n is sure to be a strong seller. “We believe the all natural aspect of the product, coupled with our 24 hour customer service line, will drive its popularity,” Healy concludes.

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