Stylish Stamps Watches

Retailers looking for a high profit fashion accessory to add to their product line should reach out to wholesaler, Carsim Trading, distributors of the new Stamps Watch line. “The product was originally created in Germany by two gentlemen who came from the Swatch and Citizen watch companies,” says Mark Iversen, general manager of Stamps Watches. “While they were initially focused on a high-end product, they realized that when they switched to a more fashion style design, they had a winning combination.” Stamps Watches are like fashion bracelets that can be easily swapped out with various watch face designs, to complement any outfit. “Right now we offer more than 200 different face designs and have 50 different wristbands,” Iversen says. “It has morphed into a fun, fashion product.”

The company began shipping to U.S. customers last August, and business has taken off. “We offer three different types of bands at wholesale,” Iversen says. “About 90 percent are leather, but we also offer patent leather styles and others made of a plastic resin,” he adds. Available in a variety of colors and designs, the bands mix well with the high quality watch faces, which are made in the Czech Republic with a Seiko movement inside. “The pricing is highly competitive,” Iversen says. “The leather bands wholesale for $10.95 each, and retail for $23. The crocodile pattern and metallic styles wholesale for $14.95, and retail for $31,” he notes. The company also offers the, “Belta Band,” which is a bangle type bracelet that wholesales for $19.95 and retails for $41. “It’s made in Italy and is a beautiful piece,” Iversen notes.

Retailers who want to test the product can get a complete starter package that wholesales for $1,367. It comes with 64 faces, 48 bands, a countertop display, two posters, three catalogs, 25 flyers and a header card. “We also put their store on our website’s store locater,” Iversen says. “The retail return on the starter kit is approximately $2,870,” he adds. “The average store carrying Stamps Watches turns over its complete display three times a year,” Iversen notes. “Our top selling stores do so about once a month.”


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