Xtreme Energy Bracelets

Xtreme Energy BraceletsWith mall managers always on the lookout for new products to draw customers in, Saeed Hossain, sales manager at Xtreme Energy, believes he’s got what they want. Hossain’s company distributes a unique brand of energy bracelets to carts and kiosks that improve blood circulation, mental clarity and endurance. “We started this company in 2009 after finding the bracelets in China,” he says. “We’re still importing them, and expect to have our own factory up and running there in just a few months.”

The bracelets, the first in a series of products in the line, contain what Hossain calls a, negative ion product. “Throughout the day, we receive positive ions from cell phones, microwaves and other sources,” Hossain says. “These positive ions drain you down.” By wearing Xtreme Energy’s bracelets, their negative ions balance it all out. “Each of our products contain 600 negative ions, the highest in the industry,” Hossain says. “The bracelets help in relaxation, and can reduce stress and increase alertness. Wearing one can affect your whole body and mood in a good way,” he adds.

Xtreme’s bracelets range in sizes from extra small to extra large, and are available in eight different colors and four styles. “We’ll soon be offering many other negative ion products, including necklaces, different bracelets and imitation jewelry,” Hossain says. “They should be available in the next few months.” As demonstrated by a video on the company’s website, the results of using the bracelets can be surprisingly fast, and Xtreme Energy has a U.S. Patent pending on the product line.

Xtreme Energy bracelets wholesale for $3.25 to $3.50 each, depending on quantity and style ordered, and retail anywhere from $19.99 to $29.99. The bracelets currently come in four styles: square, rounded, braided or string wristband. “The minimum order is 500 pieces,” Hossain says, “but if you order 1,000 or more, we’ll include a cart display for free, a $750 value,” he adds. The company will also include various POP displays with every 1,000 pieces, and volume discount is available for orders of 2,000 or more. Each unit comes packed in its own clear plastic tube, so buyers are assured of getting a fully charged, sanitary product. “Our buyers are doing extremely well with the line,” Hossain says. “We expect it to be one of the hottest selling products for cart and kiosk operators in 2011.”

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