Unique ‘ScrewGrab’ in a Tube Helps Remove Stripped Screws and Bolts

If your customers are mechanics or woodworkers that deal with the ongoing problem of stripped screw heads, the new ScrewGrab product is sure to grab their attention. “The idea behind ScrewGrab is to remove stripped out fasteners easily, without putting in a lot of extra effort,” says company VP, Jeremiah James. “Everyone has had a screw that’s been stripped out and they can’t remove, because there’s nothing to grab onto with the screwdriver,” he notes. ScrewGrab allows the user to remove a stripped screw by filling the voids inside the screw head with a non toxic, environmentally safe formula, and then to grip onto the screw. “The product can be used virtually anywhere and solves a problem that 99 percent of all people have had at some point,” James notes.

Currently available at hardware stores and shops selling auto supplies, James says other types of small retailers are also getting on board, including convenience stores, boating supply companies and even computer stores. “ScrewGrab is a hot commodity,” James says. “Customers who have bought it love the product, because it works and takes care of their problem. There’s nothing else like this out there on the market.” ScrewGrab wholesales for $3.92 for a half ounce tube that yields about 50 uses, and retailers are selling it for $5.95 to $6.99 apiece. “The minimum order is one box of 12 tubes, but if a retailer orders a master pack of 144 pieces, we’ll include the shipping,” James says. “A six unit counter display box is also available on request,” he adds.  Besides working on stripped screw heads, ScrewGrab can also help loosen rounded or deformed bolt heads, and works on seized, rusted, or hard to reach spots. “ScrewGrab saves wear and tear on your tools,” James notes. “It really has lots of uses.”

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