Study: Independent Retailers High on the List of Preferred Furniture Stores

Young America, makers of infant-to-teen furniture, has announced the results of a national study with moms across the United States. The study, “All Decked Out: Shopping for Babies and Children,” explored how 300 women, from expectant mothers through moms with teens, shop for children’s items.

“We undertook this study to better understand the mindset of mom when she walks in a store looking for items for children,” says Neil Mackenzie, marketing director for Young America. “In the process, we discovered information that dispels stereotypes and would be helpful to our whole industry, so we’re sharing it. Baby shopping is serious business for women. They want to be armed with facts and information to help them be the best moms they can be. The retailer plays a big role in helping her make the right decisions.”

The good news for independent retailers is that the study found 40 percent of moms shop more than one store, and 13 percent chose local baby boutiques for the items on their shopping lists. The reasons for shopping around primarily included price (61 percent), but they also were looking for the ability to customize their nurseries and child’s rooms (43 percent) and for style variety (39 percent). The study also found that even in today’s tight economy, nine out of 10 moms look to buy new furniture from stores where they can see, touch, and feel each piece of furniture, and understand how it works.

The full report from Young America can be accessed HERE.