Empowers Independent Retailers with Battery Power

BatteriesIn an increasingly environmentally conscious world, those of us with Green thoughts continue to live a battery-operated life. As we purchase new products or look to revive current items, we invest in countless batteries to help us along the way. Leaders in the energy management and distribution industry, such as Battery Research and Testing, Inc., insist that consumers prevent batteries from being replaced needlessly before they need to be. Therefore, battery retailers, such as, offer battery types for all your powering needs, but also provide battery charging products to help in replenishing and extending the life of your already in-use batteries.

Battery Market Charged and Growing

In the information or digital age, people insist on carrying and using electronics everywhere they go. As the New York Times reported in 2006, portable rechargeable batteries were expected to be a $6.2 billion market that year alone, and more than one billion batteries were to be made by some of the largest electronics companies in the world. Most recently, according to a report posted by Interstate All Battery Franchising, “Battery market projections show the battery business growing to an $86.2 billion industry by 2011.” The increase in battery business means growth for companies like, which found its startup by selling batteries on eBay.

As Vice President, Adam Duskes, details, “We were getting a lot of requests about having a website, and then, we developed the website in 2000, selling batteries online to Canada and the U.S., as well as fulfilling special orders for overseas.” Although, offers several sought-after battery classifications with different capacities, Duskes recognizes nickel-made and alkaline batteries to be its top sellers.

Are Consumers Charging Your Shelves for Batteries?

Although positioned as an independent retailer,, does offer batteries and chargers at a wholesale price via the Wholesale section featured on its website for those of you also looking to stock your shelves. Duskes adds, “There is no minimum order size and we do promotions for discounted retail prices. Also, every month we do a promo giveaway for those customers who have subscribed to our email.” For those of you interested in daily discounts, features a Specials section on its website homepage. If you have any questions, Duskes ensures, “We take pride in our customer service. They call us and we answer our phones.” With the market growing, it is best to take charge of where you purchase your battery supply and to research what your customers need to power their lifestyle.

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