Fantasy Gifts Has a Full Lineup For Metaphysical & New Age Shops

With TV shows and films about vampires, witchcraft and fantasy proliferating, a good company to know is Fantasy Gifts of Yonkers, NY. “We’ve been around since 1985, but morphed into concentrating on the fantasy market, which has been an interest of ours for a while,” says Bob Seiden, president of the wholesale company. “We’ve got a very strong presence in metaphysical, new age and head shops, and our market just keeps getting bigger.” Carrying upwards of 400 different products, Fantasy Gifts specializes in the new and unique, and even carries a special line of fantasy artwork by Anne Stokes. “We’ve got scrolls, boxes and tiles featuring Anne Stokes’ art, which really appeals to our retailers’ customers,” Seiden says. “Her beautiful work can be seen on our website at”

One of Fantasy Gifts’ newest and biggest selling products the, “Scent Tree,” incense burner. “The tree is about 12 inches high, with a wizard’s face carved into the bark,” Seiden says. “It has a Lord of the Rings look to it, and we’ve sold hundreds and hundreds of them,” he adds. The company also has an extensive line of other whimsical burners, including towers, boats, fairies, skulls and dragons. Wholesale prices range from $2.50 to $10, and retail pricing runs from $4.99 to $19.95, with new customers getting 10 percent off their first order. “Coming up, we’re adding more Anne Stokes products to our inventory, and will be debuting a complete, ‘Day of the Dead,’ lineup in June,” Seiden says. “We’re looking ahead to a very strong year.”


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