Animated Clocks Featuring Licensed Characters Big Sellers

Licenssed Novelty Alarm ClocksFans of cartoon characters, Felix the Cat, Betty Boop, The Pink Panther and Homer Simpson, will usually go to great lengths to get products with their favorite characters on them. That’s just one reason why Nick Croce, president of NJCroce, Inc., got into the animated clock line. “There are very few players in this field,” Croce says. “We are the only company that makes animated clocks with licensed characters.” The company’s first offering was Felix the Cat, familiar to many as a hanging wall clock where the eyes and tail move back and forth as the minutes tick away. “Our customers run the gamut from anyone you can imagine,” Croce says. “That includes gift shops, catalogs, eretailers, boutiques, hospital gift shops, clock stores, collector shops, retro stores, and even entertainment related businesses.”

Finding success with Felix, NJCroce followed up that animated clock with Betty Boop, and then added The Pink Panther and TV’s Homer Simpson. “We’re finding that fans of these particular characters are our biggest buyers,” Croce says. “Yet in the case of Felix the Cat, we’re selling both to fans of the cartoon and cat lovers as well,” he adds. All the animated clocks from NJCroce wholesale for $20 each, with a suggested retail of $39.99. Minimum orders are only $200, and each clock comes in its own display box. “They give a great presentation,” Croce says. New customers are offered a choice of $30 off their first order, or free shipping. Coming up, the company will be rolling out even more character clocks, but Croce declined to be more specific. “Just keep checking back on the site,” was all he’d say.

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