Anti-Theft Ring Display From Sales One Boosts Sales

Anti-Theft Ring DisplaysRetail jewelers face a challenge when displaying and selling their wares, in that customers like to try on items, but don’t want a salesperson hovering nearby. That’s what led Sales One LLC to develop and market its Anti-Theft Ring Display for jewelry stores. “This is a unique way to get an assortment of rings in front of customers, and let them try them on,” says Guy Pineda, director of marketing. “It holds and displays 81 different designs, and customers appreciate that they can touch and feel the product, put it on their finger, and get a good feeling about it. When they can do so, they’re more likely to buy,” he adds. There is a thin but durable steel cable around each ring, so customers can’t run off with the item, which frees up a salesperson while the buyer decides.

“The benefit is the store can place the display in an area where it doesn’t have to be managed by personnel,” Pineda says. “Experience has shown that if a customer has to bother a salesperson, they won’t do it, but if they can try on the ring on their own, they’re more likely to buy it.” The display, measuring 15 inches wide by 42 inches tall, comes at no charge when a retailer buys a wholesale assortment of Inox branded rings from Sales One. “The wholesale price of a fully stocked ring box is about $1,500,” Pineda says. “The retail return is about three times that, or around $4,500.” Sales One also has numerous other jewelry display pieces, ranging from lockable displays, floor stands, in-counter types and more. “We believe it’s a great addition to any store, as it helps close the sale,” Pineda notes.

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