Buzz Bulb Adds To Home Security

Many homes and businesses have outdoor security lights that go on when motion is detected, but what happens if that motion is detected during daylight hours? That was the idea that prompted Barry Stuecker, owner of Polarity Products Inc., to develop the audible Buzz Bulb. “I had a window in my home surrounded by grapevines,” Stuecker recalls, “and asked the electrician if any kind of alarm was available in a light bulb. He said no, so I set out to develop one.”

After doing some research, Stuecker obtained a patent for an audible light bulb. “While motion detectors shine light on an outside area to help prevent theft, intruders can dodge the light unseen and still break-in, because they are silent,” Stuecker says. “By simply replacing one flood lamp of a dual lamp motion detector fixture with a Buzz Bulb, you now have light reinforced with sound for a residential security alarm.”

Initially sold through home improvement catalogs, Stuecker is now looking to expand into small retail outlets. The Buzz Bulb retails for $29.95, but Stuecker wholesales them in packs of 12 at 30 percent off MSRP. Each bulb comes packaged separately, with copy on the box indicating how and why it works. “The Buzz Bulb has been tested and approved by The Handyman Club of America, which was a great endorsement for us,” Stuecker says. Up next, Stuecker is looking into building a camera right into the bulb. “When the alarm sounds, people tend to look right at it,” he says. “It’s the perfect time to take the intruder’s picture.”

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