Drink-a-Lyzer Gives Fast Reading If You’ve Had Too Much

When having a few cocktails out with friends, it’s sometimes difficult for a drinker to know when they’ve had too many, which was the idea behind the invention of the Drink-A-Lyzer. “We developed this so people can see when they have alcohol in their system and should reconsider driving,” says Kerry Goldinger, a partner at parent company, Drink-A-Lyzer LLC. “It’s 99.7 percent accurate, and is being very well received everywhere we demonstrate it,” he adds. The tester is simple to operate, in that the user simply blows into one end of the Drink-A-Lyzer tube three times, for 10 seconds each. The user then waits about two minutes and compares any color changes in the tester to the color scale on the back of the package, where different colors show the level of alcohol in the user’s system. “So far we’ve been wholesaling the system to liquor stores, gas stations and convenience stores, but it can be sold almost anywhere,” Goldinger says. “We even have a customer who runs a wine store in an Atlantic City casino.”

The Drink-A-Lyzer was a big hit at the March ASD Show in Las Vegas. “We had a great response at the show, and picked up a number of distributors,” Goldinger says. The Drink-A-Lyzer comes in different package sizes, from single units that wholesale for $2.50 and retail for $4.95, to a 30 pack wholesaling at $75, returning $150 at retail. Minimum orders are $150, with volume discounts available for larger quantities. “The Drink-A-Lyzer is a great impulse item to display near the register,” says Goldinger. “Our 30 pack comes in a nice display box, and we have three different posters available as well.”

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