Flashing Panda’s Stuff That Lights Up

Flashing Panda light up novelties are hot sellers!Having brightly flashing light-up items around your checkout or booth naturally draws the customers in, and the sale practically makes itself. That’s one reason why the full product line from Flashing Panda is so successful. “We specialize in LED light-up consumer novelty items,” says Daniel Odulo, founder of the company that promotes its products as, ‘Stuff That Lights Up!’. “Our line consists of three main departments: lighting items, such as key chains, flashlights and bulbs; party favors and light-up toys; and flashing wearables, such as heats, jewelry, etc. We also offer custom imprinting on most of our items” he says. The company’s website, at www.FlashingPanda.com, shows an extensive array of keychain flashlights, jogging lights, party favors, ‘Raver Bling’ and more. The site features products available at retail, and a separate wholesale section, offering bulk and case lots at wholesale prices.

Flashing Panda has the wanted items that both retailers and corporations are looking for. “We sell to everyone, worldwide, from single pieces to items that companies give away at trade shows,” Odulo says. “Many companies buy for an event, or just as a party favor. We also have people buying barware for their parties,” he explains. One water theme park bought 1,000 champagne flutes to use at their New Year’s Eve celebration.

Carrying several hundred different items, Odulo lists a few that are currently drawing attention. “Our light-up bubble guns are a big hit,” he says. “They wholesale for around $3 each, but can fetch between $6 and $9 retail.” Similarly, light-up ‘Raver Gloves’ wholesale for $7 and retail for $16, and light-up ‘Glowbys’ hair berets can sell for as much as $12 retail, but are only $3 wholesale. There is no minimum order required, and items are sold individually, as well as in small lots or a full case. Retailers just need to create an online account and start shopping. “Quite a few of our products come prepackaged in display boxes for quick sale,” Odulo says. “Some keychain flashlights are available on a display rack or in a fishbowl, as well,” he adds.


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