Innex Has the Latest Accessories for Newest 3-D Games

Nintendo has released the 3DS handheld console in the U.S., the first portable 3-D gaming system that requires no glasses to see 3-D images. The device, which sold nearly 500,000 units within the first 24 hours of its release in Japan, was one of the most preordered consoles in the history of American video games. “We saw the huge demand this game was going to create, so we got ready early for the anticipated wave,” says John Drdek, director of marketing at Innex. “Our company, a leading wholesale supplier of video game accessories, worked with our exclusive vendors and manufacturers to make available a huge line of 3DS accessories, including stylus pens, game cases, protective cases, screen wipes, AC and mobile chargers, and more,” Drdek notes.

Innex is already selling thousands of units of 3DS accessories. “It’s important that retailers stock up now to avoid shortages,” Drdek says. “This isn’t just a video game phenomenon, this is a pop culture phenomenon and one of the biggest launches in history, video game or otherwise. Even if a retailer only has a few inches of shelf space, they can easily purchase a few items for countertop display,” he adds.

Innex’s customer support staff will help design an order that meets any retailer’s budget and space needs, and all new customers get 10 percent off their first order. “The 3DS accessories provide an exceptional profit margin, much better than video games themselves,” Drdek notes. “The retail pricing of 3DS accessories ranges from $4.99 to $39.99, and our wholesale prices are significantly less. We can find something for any budget, for retailers looking to take part in this billion dollar industry.” Innex has exclusive distribution agreements with some of the biggest 3DS accessory manufacturers such as PDP, Power A and KMD, meaning retailers can find the most popular and officially licensed 3DS accessories at Innex.

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