Mini Reminder Alarm Tracks Valuables When Left Behind

Mini Reminder AlarmIf you’ve ever had a customer leave something behind in your store and then come back frantically looking for it, you’ll appreciate the thought behind the Mini Reminder Alarm. “I came up with this device after I lost my wallet,” says Eric Cohen, CEO of Genis International, maker of the Mini Reminder. “The anxiety and aggravation I went through was awful, and I decided I never wanted to lose something important ever again.” So Cohen developed a two piece system, where a tiny transmitter is attached to your bag, wallet, cell phone or child, and the receiver stays with you. “Once you move away, the receiver both vibrates and sounds an audible alarm, reminding you that you’re missing something,” Cohen says. The device can be set to sound off at either ten or 25 foot intervals, and is easily attached to a myriad number of items.

The Mini Reminder Alarm wholesales for $24 for a minimum order of 12, with discounts available for larger orders, and retails for $39.95. “We’re setting up sales reps right now, but we’re also looking for small retailers and mom and pops who’d like to carry the product,” Cohen says. “We think it’ll be a great seller at just about any retail outlet. Once customers see the Mini Reminder Alarm displayed, they understand it immediately,” he adds. Genis International has a number of posters and other POP materials available.

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