New Magic-Mat Holds Cell Phone, GPS & More With No Adhesive

For drivers needing to keep a cell phone or GPS within reach, but don’t want it rolling all over the car seat, the Magic-Mat from Cajole is the perfect solution. “The Magic-Mat is made from a polyurethane gel that holds things, but doesn’t leave a residue,” says company partner, Jason Barlow. “The gel is what’s sticky, so there’s no adhesive applied to the product.” At six inches wide by about 3.5 inches high, the Magic-Mat adheres easily to a dashboard and securely holds anything placed on it until needed. “It’s great for a GPS, cell phone, and even sunglasses,” Barlow says. “It’s also usable in RVs, boats, planes, and at home, where it works well on a slanted desk to keep things from rolling off. We even heard of one customer who uses it in a highchair to keep the baby from sliding,” he notes.

Cajole offers a Magic-Mat starter kit containing 100 Mats, and comes with either a POP display or a demo piece that looks like a car dashboard. With the complete kit, the units wholesale for $2.75 each and retail for $8 to $10. The company has also just come out with Mini-Mat, a smaller version about 2.25 inches high by 3.5 inches wide, sold in twin packs. The smaller Mats also wholesale for $2.75 for a minimum of 100, and retail for $10 to $12 the pair. Cajole usually ships within 48 hours, and special discount packages are available for high volume orders.


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