PC Tablets Do Everything iPad Does At Discounted Price

Android Tablets affordable and powerful alternative to iPad.With the rapid change in technology these days, it’s tough for retailers to keep up with what customers want, but Hezi Gavra, owner of GS Mobile, has a wide selection of electronic products for even the most discriminating buyers. “We initially started out selling inexpensive cell phones to convenience stores, for people who wanted one without the hassle of contracts or obligations,” he says. “So when we saw the PC Tablet, which has the same features of the iPad for hundreds less, we started stocking it,” he adds. Available in three different versions, the PC Tablet runs on the Android operating system and offers everything the iPad does, including WiFi, Internet access, Skype, word processing and a built-in camera. “The units wholesale for $100 and up, depending on which model a retailer orders,” Gavra says. “They retail for anywhere from $170 to $250.” The company also has remote keyboards and cases for the PC Tablet, “and the box makes a beautiful display piece,” Gavra notes.

Along with the PC Tablet, GS Mobile carries notebook computers loaded with features, and available at deeply discounted prices. “The notebooks wholesale for only $80, and retailers are selling them for $150 and up,” Gavra says. Minimum orders are $300, and with a 48 hour shipping time, storeowners can get what they need within days. First time customers get free shipping, and discount pricing is available on volume orders.

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