Pet Pedometer For Dogs

Pet pedometerWhen dog owners leave their pet home alone, they have to wonder if the animal sleeps on the couch all day or actually gets up and moves around. That question can now be answered with the new Pet Pedometer from Good Life Gear, a division of M.K. Distributors. “We worked with an electronics engineer from the U.K., who challenged himself to make a pedometer for an animal as opposed to a human,” says Mark Krasner, president of M.K. Distributors. “He was able to calibrate it via a button, to measure the size of a dog’s stride.” The unit, which is virtually silent and clips onto a collar, will count the steps a dogs takes up to 99,000, but can easily be reset with the push of a button. “It’s super lightweight with an LCD display, and doesn’t bother the dog at all,” Krasner enthuses.

Good Life Gear prefers to stay away from big box stores, and is instead marketing the Pet Pedometer to independent retailers, small pet stores and boutiques, gift shops with pet sections, and even garden centers. The unit comes with the battery already installed, wholesales for $5, and sells at retail for $9.95 to $12.95. Volume discounts are available for larger orders, and the unit comes in its own display box, complete with J-hook. The Pet Pedometer is the latest offering from Good Life Gear, which has a complete line of green products, including its patented pet water bottle, available in both 16 and 24 oz sizes. “Our minimum order is only $100, and retailers can include any of our products to get a variety and see what sells,” Krasner says. “We believe the Pet Pedometer will be this year’s must have item for dog owners.”

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